PANAMA CARDOON: Hasta La Wiggle Remixed (2015)

Hasta La Wiggle Remixed Panama CardoonThere’s all kinds of shit being talked about a ‘Grexit’ at the minute but here’s Athens-based producer Panama Cardoon making a convincing ‘re-Grentrance’ with this four tracker of remixes from his rather good debut LP – last year’s Hasta La Wiggle. Providing a remix aid package are Rafael Aragon, Cayetano, Balkan Riddims and Vida G, who, respectively, provide two re-versions of the Audry Funk-featuring Deseos, BnC-featuring LP highlight Don’t Let Me Know and Upnaked. All the sort of thing to inspire dancefloor market confidence though it’s Balkan Riddims’ intensified bashment take on Don’t Let Me Know that’ll be laughing all the way to the (central) bank.
(Out now on Carnibal Records)

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