OMEGAMAN: Hot Sauce EP (2014)

Hot Sauce EP OmegamanSomething a little piquant (100% if the cover art is to be believed) from Oz producer Omegaman in the form of his Hot Sauce EP. That’ll be eight tracks then (four vocal plus the instros thereof) encompassing a ska breaks number (featuring Patou of Melbourne Ska Orchestra), carnivalesque latin hammond-boogaloo breaks, reggae breaks (featuring Mustafa Akbar of Nappy Riddem) and, arguably the pick of a strong bunch, closer A Bailar – all slap bass breaks with a Nu Yorican soul and vocals from Vincent Sebastian of Columbian crew Watusi. Spicier than a capsicum enema then…
(Out now on Fort Knox Recordings but looks like a Beatport exclusive, Juno hounds…)

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