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MONKEYBOXING.COM – Top 10 Albums of 2011

(See – Top 10 Tracks – 2011 HERE)
N.b. This chart was compiled using a highly complex algorithm based on what has been blaring out of the monkeyboxing speakers most often in the last twelve month period…

1. TOM CARUANA PRESENTS – Wu Tang vs Jimi Hendrix ‘Black Gold’

You can’t put a mash-up album at number one! And yet here this is. And yes – it is that good…MORE inc. free DL

2. THE EXCITEMENTS – The Excitements

It’s all about the voice. Retro soul queen Koko Jean Davis rules!…MORE

3. UGLY DUCKLING – Moving At Breakneck Speed

Long Beach hip-hop trio. Five album career. Always dope.…MORE

4. RENEGADES OF JAZZ – Hip To The Jive

The best thing involving jazz and breaks since ATCQ…MORE

5. T BIRD & THE BREAKS – Never Get Out Of This Funk Alive

T Bird and chums present their second LP of chunky funk from out of the trunk…MORE

6. DEEP STREET SOUL – Look Out Watch Out

Oh my god that’s the funky grit! Oz crew with their second LP of funk filth…MORE

7. FOREIGN LEGION – Night Moves

Bay Area hip-hop legends back with their fresh and long-awaited third album…MORE

8. TRAMP RECORDS PRESENTS: Santa’s Funk & Soul Christmas Party

Seasonal bomb from funk diggers extraordinaire, Tramp Records…MORE

9. THE FUNK LEAGUE – Funky As Usual

Stone cold chillin’ from French production duo and assorted hip-hop legends…MORE

10. WINDMILLS – Windmills

Debut LP from leftfield-Californian-hip-hop-in-bed-with-West-Coast-psychedelia outfit.…MORE

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