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MAC MCRAW, AUDESSY & OXYGEN: B-Boy Bionics b/w Dust (2014)

B Boy Bionics Mac McRaw[RATING: 5] Now then – who in the contemporary world of underground boom-bap hip-hop could possibly meet the challenge recently laid down by Danny Spice with his Live At The Throwdown EP effort? You’d be hard pressed to find any-…oh. Hang on. What’s this? Mac Mcraw‘s B-Boy Bionics 12″? The same obsession with sampled beats, the same ethos of production so heavy it causes a singularity on the space time continuum. Christ. Who do you get to rap on that? Spice had Oxygen and Audessy (among others) and Macraw’s got – er – Oxygen and Audessy. Great minds truly do think alike. They’ve even both got cover art from Mr Krum. It’s all about the fiery guitar-led Jack Jones remix though. Boom and indeed bap.
(Out now on Cold Rock Stuff)

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