LOOP MAFFIA: OG Kush EP (2014)

OG Kush EP Loop MaffiaI see Loop Maffia‘s back with his OG Kush EP. His OG what EP!? Is that a drug reference? You’d never catch me taking drugs, oh dear me no, I don’t need drugs when I’ve got coffee and tea to perk me up, alcohol to loosen my inhibitions, nicotine to calm me, sleeping pills to help me sleep and paracetamol to take away the pain. And if the drug reference wasn’t enough here’s this young man with his nihilistic chill-out music – I bet OG stands for something urban and scary too. What I need is something calming to inhale and something soothing to listen to – or maybe something soothing to listen to that’s about something calming to inhale. Yes – that would be just the ticket – now then where am I going to find that…
(Out now on Bulabeats)

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