KILL EMIL: Matata/ Humanidad (Vinyl 7″)

KILL EMIL: Matata/ Humanidad (Vinyl 7The Matasuna label has been going hard on an Afro-Latin tip lately, and here they follow up their re-release of super-rare Sangre Joven cut Zamba Zamba (along with a Voodoocuts remix) with this new 45 from Greek producer Kill Emil. The A-side, Matata, might take its name from the Swahili word for problems but our man seems to have no difficulty knocking out a pumping mid-tempo affair that wears its Afro roots proudly and not least through its vocal samples. It’s arguably flip Humanidad that’s the strongest cut though with a powerful lurching sal-soul rhythm over which strutting piano, louche horns and Latin vox weave themselves. Oh the humanidad!
(Out now on Matasuna Recordings)

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