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KID ACNE: ‘Bubblegoose Empire’ and ‘Council House Boys’ videos from releasing superb long player Have A Word, Kid Acne drops two more videos for LP tracks Bubblegoose Empire and Council House Boys. If you’ve checked the album you’ll know it crackles with K.A.’s wry lyrics as he, “cascades cadence, unique…[turns].. of phrase over fresh beat arrangements,” the latter being psych-tinged boom-bap production from Chicago’s Spectacular Diagnostics. Bubblegoose Empire (which you may remember as the track that references the Neil Gaiman-esque concept of unemployed deities, and employs that talk box bit) is here audio-visually incarnated as a grainy black and white affair featuring Mr Acne applying a considerable amount of paint to the side of a wall with an impressive variety of rollers. The video for Council House Boys meanwhile, is shot in even grainier but washed-out colour footage (for that full seventies effect) and finds our man strolling around the social housing of his home city, Walkman on rocking his DJ Cash Money mixtape…[like]…Kendrick Lamarr eating Kendal Mint Cake. Oi!

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