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KEN: Closer To The Sun EP

KEN:  Closer To The Sun EPConsider the situation – your mates Discobeta have got you an ‘in’ with the Breakbeat Paradise label. The label are keen to take on your rolling breakbeat sitar blues bump and make it the basis of a release (the Closer To The Sun EP) which additionally features four remixes and the remixers they’ve lined up for you are Discobeta, Ursula 1000, Mined and Forrest and Bezwun. All that remains is to give yourself a suitably shining nom-de-plume and you’re all set for dj superstardom. Then again, we all know what happens when you get too close to the sun – just ask Icarus. And so it is that BBP’s newest signing goes by the simple ‘Ken’ because it’s all about the music – in this instance Ken’s hypnotic original and Discobeta’s more dancefloor version.
(Out now on Juno/ 24 August global release on BBP)

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