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Like breakbeat? Like dancehall? Like Steve Miller? Boy are you in luck for Bougee Bandolini have got you well and truly covered! Or at least

DISCOBETA: Down The Block EP

You’d expect nothing less than hefty breakbeat material from DiscObeta and they don’t disappoint on their new Down The Block EP. Said release features two

DISCOBETA: Breakin The Rulz

Breakin’ The Rulz (and I’m not just talking about spelling conventions), it’s Discobeta! Not for them sending promo out before release! Here is a duo


It’s been a while since the monkey has heard from production duo Discobeta but it looks like they’ve been keeping themselves busy and here’s the

KEN: Closer To The Sun EP

Consider the situation – your mates Discobeta have got you an ‘in’ with the Breakbeat Paradise label. The label are keen to take on your

DISCOBETA: Chinese Robots EP (2017)

[RATING: 5] If you caught Discobeta‘s alpha-plus tune Chinese Robots on BBP’s Big Fat Mama Breaks compilation last year, you might have wondered why a

DISCOBETA: Bring It To Me (2016)

Can’t get enough of that ghetto funky stuff? It’s time to welcome back DiscoBeta then who take the less-travelled path of subtlety in said genre