JSTAR: Most Wanted Vol. 4 – Killa Reggae Mashups (2014) Free download

Killa Reggae Mashups JStar Vol 4 Most Wanted[RATING: 5] As the man himself says, “it’s here; it’s the big one.” That’ll be JStar then – king of the dancehall-mashup, now dropping the fourth and final volume of his ‘Killa Reggae Mashup’ series Most Wanted Vol. 4…and ‘im go out widda bang. It’s easy to see why as aptly-named opener Dancehall Kings is a mighty mash of Mark Ronson, KRS One, Cypress Hill, Sean Paul, Jigsy King and Amerie. Er – but surely that’s like some sort of reggae-hip-hop ‘Jive Bunny’ isn’t it? Oh dear me, no. No it isn’t. Wash your mouth out. Listen and learn. This is a first-class lesson in bootleg dancehall domination as the rest of this – arguably the best in the series – effortlessly proves.

Feel free (literally, since like Vols. 1, 2 and 3, this is a free download) to feast your ears on the humungous and evergreen No Diggedy (a.k.a that reggae re-roast of Black Street), Sugar Screen (a.k.a the Ska Tops – no – I mean the Four Skanks – oohh no – that’s not right either) and Regulate Rock Dub – a.k.a the dub of J’s Warren G & Nate Dogg re-version. Throw in another six cuts splicing everything from Snoop Dogg to Scissor Sisters and you could pretty much play the lot back to back, djs, and bugger off for a pint safe in the knowledge that the punters are getting their rhythmic oats. So to speak. Apparently, there’s a final volume of bootys to come (on a dnb, dubstep, hip-hop, electronica tip) though this doesn’t seem to be part of the ‘Most Wanted’ series. Cop Vol. 4 below though and should you feel the urge to do anything so quaint as to pay for your music by leaving a donation, you’ll know it’s going to pay for studio time for a forthcoming all-original JStar album…

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