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JSTAR: Most Wanted Vol. 1 (2014) Free download

Most Wanted Vol. 1 JStar[RATING: 5] Before your Maars and your Showtime, before…well pretty much anyone who splices hip-hop and reggae these days – there were DJs Shepdog, JStar and Mr Benn. Back then you’d mash ting up, press ting up and sit back as a limited run of 500 45s or 12 inches flew out the door to a thorough rinsing on bashment and hip-hop dancefloors and cash jetted in through the letterbox. Or something like that. Then downloads and Serato kicked off, reggae-hip-hop mash-ups suddenly proliferated and said trio more or less quit making cheeky edits and started to go straight with quaint notions of making something called ‘original music’ and running ‘labels’. Serato fiends could always have grabbed themselves one of Shepdog and JStar’s Bruck Ups, Cut Ups and Muck Ups cd volumes I suppose, but if you missed them you’ll have been spitting feathers until Shepdog dropped his Greatest Licks Vol. 1. But that still wouldn’t have given you access to these tasty morsels from JStar would it. Until now.

The release of Most Wanted Vol. 1 means you now get the chance to snap up JStar classics for nowt. Reggae Pharcyde? Reggae Gang Starr? Reggae Snoop? This man was doing it in Baghdad when other reggae hip-hop remixers were still in their dad’s bags. What you really want this for though is reggae Blu Cantrell. No really. Oh. You’ve never heard Blushanti have you. You’re in for a treat. Cop it below and check back for news of Vols. 2-4, coming soon…

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