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HERMA PUMA: Synchro Remixed EP One (2012)

For the Synchro Remixed EP One – UK/ US hip-hop production duo Herma Puma a.k.a. Pimpernel Jones and Simple X have floated their rather good mellow-hop debut LP Synchromystic out into the seas of remix to be picked up by the likes of Tall Black Guy, Ross PTH of Wah Wah 45s, Lopez and Ariya vs. The Ones to do with as they will. All concerned have kept it relaxed and at least as blissed-out as the originals virtually guaranteeing everything on the EP an airing to the sort of person that is still awake the morning after the night before’s hard partying – albeit with a thousand yard stare, a mouth that tastes like an ashtray and numbers for at least 5 names that they don’t recognise on their phone. Keep your eyes peeled for EP Two…
(Out now on First Word Records)

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