HANNAH WILLIAMS & THE AFFIRMATIONS: Late Nights & Heartbreak (video)(2017)

HANNAH WILLIAMS & THE AFFIRMATIONS:  Late Nights & Heartbreak (video)Everybody knows by now that the Malcolm Catto-produced title track of the latest LP by underground UK retro-soul talent Hannah Williams got sampled for the title track of Jay-Z’s new album, right? It’s this decade’s Eminem and Dido story! How to represent said track in audio-visual format, though? I suppose the band could employ traditional ideas like good cinematography, and a narrative twist in which our Hannah’s troubled relationship is a gay one, for example. Then again, why not take a leaf out of Jay-Z’s epically mawkish eight-plus minute soap opera ‘apology’ to Beyonce and intersperse your creation with mobile phone footage? Obviously it would need a more British vibe, but what could possibly say, ‘Er – I’m really sorry, I was drunk. It won’t happen again,’ more than interrupting the song for a few jerky frames of some ‘Leave it Dave, he’s not worth it!’ post-pub action? Then again, maybe that’s underrating good cinematography, and having a narrative twist after all.
(‘Late Nights & Heartbreak’ is out now on Record Kicks)

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