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FUNKY DESTINATION: Gonna Give You Something To Funk On EP (2014)

Gonna Give You Something To Funk On Funky DestinationThe man named after every right-thinking MB reader’s ultimate objective, Funky Destination, has a new EP out entitled Gonna Give You Something To Funk On EP. It’s a six-tracker which begins in a similar vein to recent drops by Mister T and My Neighbour Is which is to say crunchy, funky party breakbeat action. Opener Brothers & Sisters This Sound Run Town can’t decide if it wants to rock out with its cock out or or go skankin like it’s – well, you get the picture – so it does both. The rest of the EP is vaguely disco-ish breaks with white boy soul vox in the best that tap into the same wellspring of summery breakbeat soul as Mr Bird & Greg Blackman and Smoove & Turrell as well as a brace of cuts featuring lady soul vocals in a manner carefully calculated to instigate hip-swaying action.
(Out 15 July on Cold Busted)

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