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FUNKOSOL: Combination Of Styles EP (2013)

Fresh Beats Vol. 1 has only been out of the bag less than a month and Chudy‘s new label Funkosol is already dropping the Combination Of Styles EP. And if you think that’s a high turnaround, it features Morlack who’s back like that with his third release this month! He’s accompanied by Jayl Funk, Warson and Azzar and, while that might be a combination of artists, the style here is resolutely heavy party breaks with an eighties/ nineties-sampling vibe – a scene niche that Chudy seems to be fast claiming as his (and Funkosol’s) signature. It is true that Ghostface and Ne-Yo’s Back Like That is only five years old that hasn’t stopped Morlack dropping the vocal pitch right down and selecting a sax-drenched beat redolent of white Ferrari Testarossas and chicks in skin tight mini-dresses with big hair. We’re in the eighties alright. Jayl Funk takes it back slightly further back to the NY latin disco of yore in order to bring it forward with a heavier beat and then Warson’s back in up in your grill with some nasty nineties dance flavour before Azzar houses up (gahhh!) Tag Team. Whoomp. There it is…
(Out now on Funkosol)

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