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TRU FUNK: Tasty Beats Vol. 8 (2015)

The latest round of Tru:Funk action, Tasty Beats Vol. 8 finds usual suspect Warson joined by Tosses & Varvez, Bang N Mash, Cez 14 and

TRU FUNK: Tasty Beats Vol. 6 (2015)

See. I told you Tru Funk wasn’t dead. Here’s Tasty Beats Vol. 6 to prove it. Max Revolt‘s got a chunky party breaks Funky Feelin’,

TRU FUNK: Tru Hop (2015)

360 questions to ask a Tru Funka and here are just seven of them: Yo Tru Funk – is it true that Bialson Hajsy digs

TRU FUNK: Tasty Beats Vol. 5 (2014)

Fuck Christmas 2014! Let’s party like it doesn’t need to involve ripoff shit in the shops, crap work parties and a bunch of tax-avoiding millionaires

WARSON & CHUDY: Jump On It EP (2014)

Chudy and Warson have spent so long wading through 90s pop hits looking for something to edit in a funky breaks style in recent years

WARSON: Don’t Stop EP (2014)

…and he don’t stop! Warson that is, back from adventures in funky house-land (there ain’t no funk in house – Funk Ed.) to ensure he

TRU FUNK: Party Breaks: Essential Selection (2013)

In today’s internet-era, the public’s appetite for interesting ‘stuff’ is voracious and their memory of said ‘stuff’ so short that they’ve practically forgotten whatever it

CHUDY: Let’s Groove On (2013)

Tutti frutti oh Chudy – it’s long past time for the monkey to get a groove on with Let’s Get A Groove On but unfortunately