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FREEDUST: Jump Up And Down EP

FREEDUST:  Jump Up And Down EPWho’s this then – sounding like the lovechild of Skeewiff and St Etienne with their Jump Up And Down EP? Why it’s none other Freedust. No, not the cry you never heard from PCP dealers on 70s NY streets but a pan-European trio consisting of Italian Daniele Carmosino, Swede Lisa Widmark and Brit Sarina Leah. What a perfect example of pan-European co-operation. Indeed they’re just the antidote for all that Brexit venom with their combination of jaunty breakbeats and swinging 60s type female mod vox. The title track is a brisk bossa-breaks affair with added surf guitar, Azucar finds the band’s all-seeing eye turning to almost dnb speed jazzy breaks and Toys is a slower more louche groove with a touch of the gypsy and even New Orleans jazz about it. So far, so good but it’s the pop-savvy of kooky love anthem Yesterday with it’s lilting rhythms and summery vibe that stands out most which is probably why they’ve done a video for it. Check it below.
(Out now on Danca)

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