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FREEDUST: My New Sunglasses (Remixes)

When the sun’s out there are few pleasures finer than stepping out while rocking a new pair of sunglasses, are there? Freedust know this of

FREEDUST: Take Me There/ Beleedat

[RATING: 5] How to describe new Freedust singles, Take Me There and Beleedat, both international affairs on which Italian producer Daniele Carmosino deploys Barcelona-based singer


It’s all about the brand new retro-stylings from Italian outfit Freedust once again on new single Heat which kind of imagines what sixties R&B might

FREEDUST: Waterfalls EP

Freedust return with more of their retro-tinged breakbeat grooves on new four-track EP Waterfalls. The first half of the release is instrumental, opening with the

FREEDUST: My New Sunglasses + video

MB regulars may remember Freedust from the two EPs they released in 2018 and 2019 on which they melded the retro breakadelica of Skeewiff with


Talk to me? Oh what as in,“Maserati 3200. Talk to me!”? No, don’t worry, it’s not the return of Terry Tibbs but rather new material

FREEDUST: Jump Up And Down EP

Who’s this then – sounding like the lovechild of Skeewiff and St Etienne with their Jump Up And Down EP? Why it’s none other Freedust.