FORT KNOX FIVE feat. FLEX MATTHEWS: Swinging On a Rhyme (2015)

Swinging On A Rhyme Fort Knox Five2015 has been something of a year for Fort Knox Five what with the high of the release of their second full-length LP followed by the low of the sad and untimely demise of founder member Jon Horvath. But the show must go on and here DC emcee Flex Matthews joins the party cruise-ship FK5 for mic duties to get the punters doing the Lindy-hop with swing-hop anthem and new single Swinging On A Rhyme. Remixers Bart & Baker are on hand to make that ‘Housing On A Rhyme’ while Warp 9 applies knob-trickery to produce ‘Swinging On A Wobble.’ It’s enough to make you do a swingout!
(Out soon on Fort Knox Recordings)

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