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EPHEMERALS: Everyday Killers (GENTLEMAN’S DUB CLUB mix) (2016)

Everyday KIllers Ephemerals Gentleman's Dub ClubEveryday Killers, the new one from bright young British retro-soul hopes, Ephemerals, is out soon. The cut, lifted from current LP Chasin’ Ghosts, has been given a reggae remix roasting by Gentleman’s Dub Club. Imagine a late seventies bubbler like Bob Marley’s Could You Be Loved in a moody minor key with Ephemerals highly capable (not to mention ‘surprisingly compatible with a reggae beat’) singer Wolf Valbrun and you’ve pretty much got the picture. As is the law on all proper reggae single releases, this one gets dub versioned on the digi-flip.
(Out 19 February on Jalapeno Records)

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