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DR RUBBERFUNK: My Life At 45 (Part 3) (Vinyl 7″)

DR RUBBERFUNK: My Life At 45 Part 3Dr Rubberfunk continues his run of My Life At 45 – er – 45s – with My Life At 45 Part 3 then. Surely he must be forty-six by now though because Part 1 came out in July 2018 didn’t it? What’s that? Oh rrrright – I’ve got you – well – I didn’t think he’d mind since he’s made his age part of the title! Erm anyway – so Dr Rubberfunk is still a very youthful 45 and this one’s lead cut is the wistful (not to mention Fatboy Slim and DJ Yoda-endorsed) Izo FitzRoy-featuring breakbeat soul effort A Matter Of Time. Flip it over and you’ve got the conga-tastic afro-meets-70s-Blue Note Slim’s Mood coming on like Grant Green was still with us plus the bonus beats of Moody Drums – i.e. the drums off Slim’s Mood. Why – it’s enough to make you get up and dance a jig! Obviously, be careful though. You don’t want to put your back out or ‘have a fall’ – the queues in A&E are horrendous.
(Out now on Jalapeno Records)

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