DJ FORMAT feat. THE GOOD PEOPLE: Marisco (2012)

This year’s U.S. emcee go-tos for the discerning UK beatmaker – The Good People (a.k.a. Emskee and Saint) – make another appearance on arguably the beefiest UK boom-bap beat this year in a tribute to what is apparently the UK’s longest-running club – Woolacombe’s Marisco. That’ll be the second big-up this summer for the vast urban sprawl of Woolacombe involving The Good People (the other one being Emskee’s team-up with Woolacombe-based producers Chubb Nice & Vinyl Peasant as the Hoglodytes) – whatever is going on? Whatever it is, said beat comes courtesy of their fellow digger with gratitude – DJ Format and sounds not unlike Big John Hamilton’s Big Bad John as sampled many years ago by one Big Daddy Kane with Saint’s remix on the flip. If you missed the super limited 12 inch you’ll be needing a copy of the blue vinyl seven. Out now. Dope. Warm it up Matt!
(Out now on Diggers With Gratitude)

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