DJ FILTHY RICH: Craig Mack: A Mixtape Tribute

DJ FILTHY RICH:  Mixtape Tribute to Craig MackPutting flava in your ear in honour of rap legend Craig Mack, is DJ Filthy Rich – last heard of around these parts with his two volume tribute to 90s hip-hop’s mutual love affair with Jamaican dancehall culture. For this outing however, our man Rich is all about paying tribute to a hip-hop great who was instrumental (thank you, I’m here all week) in helping Bad Boy Records blow up with massive single Flava In Your Ear, which also gave Biggie his breakout appearance (on remix of same) and featured a very early solo appearance for one Busta Rhymes (also on same) with his mighty Craig Mack: A Mixtape Tribute.

On hearing news of Mack’s passing earlier this year, Rich dug deep in his 12″s and discovered that it wasn’t a case just of all the Mack dope he remembered but all the Mack dope he’d forgotten about over the years too. Inspired, he’s put together a massive two-part spec-Mack-ular compilation with a Funkalicious half (of the hip-hop cuts) and a Mackalicious half of material (of stuff from the rnb years). As if that’s not enough, he’s been on a ‘what if’ blending tip (after discovering that Mack had been about to join the EPMD’s Hit Squad before things went all Pete Tong) and spliced Mack in alongside Redman and Keith Murray. Obviously, that ought to be sufficient to satisfy anyone but there’s even more in the form of the super-rare Mack track Press Rewind created for Canada’s answer to Funkmaster Flex – DJ Mastermind. And unless you were listening to Mastermind’s show in ’94, you won’t have heard this. Until now. MB regulars will know mixtapes don’t get props on MB unless there’s a very good reason and this one has multiple good reasons. Did I mention it’s already been co-signed by EPMD’s Erick Sermon, Illegal/Def Squad’s Jamal, and Easy Mo Bee! Well it is. High praise indeed.

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