CHILL BUMP: ‘Home Sweet Home’ video (2013)

Home is great. We can all put our feet on the furniture, fart with abandon whenever we damn well please and every Thursday is ‘nude day’. But hang on – Home Sweet Home isn’t a straightforward paean to home living. No. Because Chill Bump rapper Miscellaneous narrates from the point of view of a vinyl record. What?! Unexpected item in bagging area! Yep, he’s an album, specifically one by an artist called Bill Chump (see what they did there?) who is acquired by one careful owner before being stolen. Subsequently he is bought at a flea market, scoured for samples, sold back to the market, bought again and sold on eBay and finally bought back by the owner who loves him. All right, it kind of is a paean to home but ultimately it’s more of a love song about vinyl. I got quite emotional watching it. Cop it off their The Loop EP below video.

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