CHILL BUMP: The Loop EP (2012) free download + ‘Eponym’ video

Chill Bump’s new free-to-download EP The Loop opens with this sample – “This is the first thing out of your mouth, the first thing they’re gonna hear from you and it’s got to be strong. It’s got to make the audience say – ‘hey!!!'”. Which is exactly what I said when I heard the first track – massive blues-based party-starting bump Eponym. Actually, it was more than that – I also thought, ‘that’ll sound good at the start of the forthcoming monkeyboxing mixtape.’ Happily French duo (rapper Miscellaneous and DJ/ Producer Bankal) agreed – so keep your eyes peeled. As for the rest of the LP they switch from boom-bap to thoughtful, sample-rich, bass-wobble-inflected, scratch-punctuated boom-clap (think Atmosphere getting down with ghetto funk) and then back to boom-bap with banger Self-Destrukt – which starts off with a KRS-One sample and hinges on a…fuck me, is that a sample of Black Sabbath’s Paranoid? You decide. Listen via the player below and download too – either for free or (if you’ve got a moral compass) some sort of donation. It’s a name your price deal. And what price quality, original hip-hop these days? Vid to Eponym below that. Chek!

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