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CHART – May 2011

1. (NEW) Joe Driscoll – Mixtape Champs (Mr Benn remix)

Mr Benn applies his boom-skankin’ Midas touch again…MORE

2. (NEW) Beastie Boys – Make Some Noise
Still dope…MORE

3. (NEW) Foreign Legion – Party Over Here
Hotter than summer time on the sun…MORE

4. (1) DJ Love (feat. Geechi Suede) – Zigga Zigga

Dancefloor hip-hop banger that’s neither jiggy nor retro…MORE

5. (NEW) DJ Shepdog – Rolling In The Dub

Adele like you’ve never heard her …MORE

6. (NEW) Dan Wilde – Cake Cut

Breaking the funk until the break of dawn in funkland …MORE

7. (NEW) DJ Yoda (feat. A Skillz & Izza Kizza) – Back And Forth

Big Latin-flava banger.

8. (NEW) Grand Slam – Lifetimers For The Funk

Vocoder vocals, synths, squelchy wah, spangly flared jumpsuits, novelty shaped sunglasses …MORE

9. (NEW) Big M – Soultime

Big breakbeat refix for Shirley Ellis…MORE

10. (NEW) TotalCult vs. Lebrosk – Dope Horn EP

Dope Horn E.P (Totalcult vs Lebrosk) available soon…….. by Lebrosk
Funky party fuel for your breaks party engine …MORE

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