(NEW) 1. DJ Rebel – Uptown A Little Bit More
Player removed from Soundcloud for some reason, folks 😉 – but check DJ Rebel’s Soundcloud for what’s currently up anyway.

‘Uptown Funk’ my arse part 1. What you need is some uptown stomp…MORE

(NEW) 2. Henry Boatwright feat. Soul Bros. Inc. – Git It

The very finest raw, dirty, funky soul…MORE

(3) 3. Mark Ronson feat. Mystikal – Feel Right

‘Uptown Funk’ my arse part 2. Get some of this!

(4) 4. T Bird & The Breaks – Harmonizm

TB&TB give you beats to the rhyme and nickels to the dime…MORE

(NEW) 5. Cannibal Ox – Iron Rose

Iron shirt kung-fu hip-hop…MORE

(NEW) 6. Boca 45 feat. Stephanie McKay – Mr Big Sun

Big-ass psychedelic funk-rock number…MORE

(NEW) 7. Minimatic – Owner Of a Boogaloo Heart

Boogaloo booty banger…MORE

(NEW) 8. The Scribes – Blood In Your Eyes

Pop-savvy banger from the UK hip-hop crew…MORE

(NEW) 9. The Skints – This Town

Pop-savvy dubber from the UK dub crew…MORE

(NEW) 10. DJ Pnutz – B-Girl BBQ

Quality, crunchy b-girl butter…MORE

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