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EMMA NOBLE: Twist Or Stick

The new single from Emma Noble is Twist Or Stick but is that a question or a command? The lyrics suggest the former while the absent question mark suggests the latter. Political-grade ambiguity I think you’ll agree but one thing there’s no denying is Twist Or Stick‘s subtle ear-worminess. Co-written with Shawn Lee, it’s a funkily-pulsing, eerie disco-tinged number that could be the slow-burning pop hit to give Noble the kid of mainstream exposure that Kungs’ Cookin’ On 3 Burners remix gained Kylie Auldist – though thankfully without resorting to the ploy of a cheap house beat. As with all these things though, chance is a factor when it comes to exposure – a well-timed ad-sync never goes amiss does it?
(Out now on Cosmos Music)

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