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BIG BOSS MAN: Das Freak (Vinyl 7″)

Let’s get one thing clear before I get stuck into this: Das Freak, the new single from Big Boss Man will be BIG. Now that’s out the way, let’s consider how the track is a fairly radical departure for the 60s-obsessed Hammond, guitar fuzz and bongo outfit that we have known hitherto. ‘But why?’ I hear you cry. Is there no vintage organ action? Actually, there is – and of several kinds. Well then – is there no fuzz guitar? Again, yes there is, and also a bit of squelchy wah-wah to boot. No bongos perhaps? No, they’re there too. Then what pray is so different? Well, where to start? There’s the extremely jazz-funky intro for one, featuring a flute and sax that are almost omnipresent throughout. Also almost omnipresent is a constant and very disco one-note hit on the keys, the funky but nonetheless four-to-the-floor drums and, at one point, a none-more-jazzy trumpet. Oh – and did I mention the vocal non-lyric riff that recalls the finest works of 80s Swiss dance nutters Yello? I’m pretty sure I heard the kitchen sink get down at one point too. The overall impression is of the late sixties and late seventies colliding musically and the seventies decisively gaining the upper hand. In short, this track is an absolute freak and well-named. It also stands to be potentially one of the band’s biggest tracks in ages. An interesting start to the band’s tenure on their new label, Spinout Nuggets. If you already knew BBM, you will be spinning out. The track gets versioned on the B-side and the single is lifted from forthcoming BBM LP, Bossin’ Around.
(Out now on Spinout Nuggets)

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