CALIBRO 35: SuperStudio/ Gomma (Vinyl 7″)

CALIBRO 35:  SuperStudio/ Gomma (Vinyl 7[RATING: 5] As the video teaser before Crimbo should have made clear, Dre and Jay Z-sampled Italian cinematic music fiends Calibro 35 are taking their crime-funk to the next level on forthcoming LP Decade. Why? Because those bad boys have added orchestral elements. You see how that works don’t you? You come at them with fists they bring a knife. You bring a knife, they bring guns. You bring guns, they bring, like, strings and shit – and I don’t think anyone wants to mess with those. Thus it is that the gritty SuperStudio comes on like the love child of Badder Than Evil and a Schifrin-esque lost Dirty Harry theme outtake (watch out for the crazy psych-funk ending though) while the frantic Gomma has a Roy Budd-ish Get Carter theme feel to it. That’s a Roy Budd awash with more illegal amphetamines than you can shake a loaded shotgun at though, you understand. Happily, both bits of insanity are shortly to be available on seven inch black gold. Consider yourselves alerted.
(Out 26 January on Record Kicks)

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