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CALIBRO 35: Gun Powder

CALIBRO 35:  Gun PowderSay hello to a returning Calibro 35 who, having re-invented themselves for the new decade as a band liable to use a lot more electronic sounds and arguably more late seventies/ early eighties influences on 2020 LP Momentum now deliver their first single in ages – Gun Powder. Ironically Gun Powder harks back to sort of Rage Against The Machine-meets-mod-funk sound bomb they used to drop in the middle of much more sixties-influenced material like 2013’s Traditori Di Tutti album such as Stainless Steel. Admittedly the intro uses a synth and synth effects also buzz around in the background of this throughout but, while the drums are undeniably funky, that guitar wouldn’t surprise you if I said it was Tom Morello playing. The drum break is also mad crazy, the bit when the organ comes back in is glorious and as the rest of the instruments gradually drop back in from the breakdown you start to wonder if maybe Muse were even a bit of an influence. The monkey can’t stand Muse and Rage got old very quickly, this on the other hand – er – rocks!
(Out now on Record Kicks)

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