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CADIEN: Miracles (2013)

[RATING: 5] In ancient times, miracles consisted of walking on water, resurrecting the dead and easing the hunger cravings of thousands with a few fish and loaves. There’s no walking on water here, though lazer beams do strike the sea on the cover art. Cadien‘s monster single Miracles does however resurrect a Jackson Sisters hit and will ease the dancefloor cravings of thousands with fat breaks and nasty bass. Nasty bass? Oh what – ‘nasty’ like a crack ho’s crotch? Admittedly that’s not an epithet to be sniffed at – but no – this bass is much nastier – more in the vein of rich Tory politicians claiming thousands in expenses to heat their second homes while telling old, poor people to wear a jumper and suggesting disabled children should be guillotined. It doesn’t get much nastier than that.
(Out 18 November on Beatport and 2 December elsewhere on Jalapeno Records)

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