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BROTHER ALI: Work Everyday (2013) video

A deceptively sunny and upbeat Jake One-produced number provides the backdrop for Brother Ali to ponder key social questions of our depression-hit times such as “How are so many poor people conservative?” And since he’s clearly a lot more patient than I am, he explains to those same people how they are responsible for their wannabe neo-feudal overlords “those companies took your jobs overseas and you handed them the wallet out your pocket for free/ you staring in the skies with dollar signs for eyes/ the blind right wing of a bird that can’t fly/ Just a peacock with a poked out gut/ Who too fat to fly so his ass just strut”. Lyrics of fury. Not one to do things by half measures, it looks from the video like Ali was a key figure in some sort of anti-cuts protest in Minneapolis. Still you can’t have someone like him running around undermining years of rightwing free-market corporate/ political bullshit. Why – the man’s practically a communist. Before you know it, people like him will be trying to restrict the number of yachts one can own. Best have your pigs arrest him and cable tie his hands together…

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