BROTHER ALI: The Bite Marked Heart EP + ‘Shine On’ video (2012) – Free download

Just in time for Valentine’s day, Rhymesayers rapper Brother Ali comes through with The Bite Marked Heart EP complete with the Nikki Jean-featuring paean to love-at-first-sight Shine On. The video alone (see below) is worth a look just to check out Ali’s chat-up technique. There he is on his Jack Jones in a restaurant when in walks lone beauty. Any normal bloke would be checking her ass out from behind the menu but not Ali. Oh no, he’s over there in seconds like a rat up a fucking drainpipe impersonating a waiter. He’s busted of course by the real waiter but lone beauty’s annoyance with Ali lasts all of five seconds. Incredibly, not only is she not creeped out by his desire to ‘watch a few moments of her life, much like a fly on the wall,’ she’s actually won over by it and offers him the other place at her table since her date ‘didn’t show up.’ ‘Didn’t show up’!? Christ! She’s only been in there two fucking minutes! Even Ali draws the line here, wisely beating a retreat and we’ve all learnt something about the price of acting on impulse. Preview and download the EP below. Video below that.

Free download – Brother Ali – The Bite Marked Heart EP – HERE

Brother Ali – The Bite Marked Heart by rhymesayers

Shine On feat. Nikki Jean by rhymesayers

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