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BROTHER ALI: Mourning In America (2012)

Rhymesayers’ finest, Brother Ali, delivers a track here that is profoundly unsympathetic towards the ethos of the NRA, US government foreign policy and violence-bent firearms-bearing individuals everywhere. God knows how you’re supposed to defend your ill-gotten foreign commercial interests, protect yourself against all those thieving immigrants or massacre your teachers and schoolmates because they didn’t ‘get’ you and thought you were a ‘weird emo boy’, with pacifist do-gooders like this around. Whatever next – a free health service for all? It’s raving crypto-communist dogma! Oh – wait – hang on. No it’s not – it’s common sense. Look for more rhymed sociological insight (or insane pinko propaganda – depending on your political outlook and psychological state) from Ali’s forthcoming LP Mourning In America And Dreaming In Color (solely produced by Jake One) due mid Sept.
(Out now on Rhymesayers)

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