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BOBBY OROZA: Strange Girl (Vinyl 7″) + video

BOBBY OROZA: Strange Girl (Vinyl 7Next from Bobby Oroza comes Strange Girl, a cover of Strange Boy by originally performed jointly by fellow Big Crown artists El Michels Affair & The Shacks. With Oroza’s falsetto replacing Shannon Wise’s whisper and Cold Diamond & Mink now in charge of instrumentation, the cover is as dreamy as the original though now the vibe is lowrider soul as opposed to indie-psychedelia and ripe for release on 45 with the similarly woozy This Love LP track Down On My Knees as the flip. How to represent such material via the medium of video though? Perhaps the eponymous ‘strange girl’ could wander through a field exactingly inspecting a variety of flora before returning to a suspiciously alchemical-looking laboratory. ‘Strange’ is all relative of course, what with the lab-coated Oroza being the one creeping around in the bushes after the girl and subsequently falling asleep amid smoking ingredients on a desk covered in arcane calculations while his alchemical partner necks a drop of newly brewed whatever.

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