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ANDY COOPER & DJ FORMAT: Get On That (Re-layered) Vinyl 7″ + ‘Do The Andy Puppet’ video

ANDY COOPER & DJ FORMAT:  Get On That (Re-layered) Vinyl 7Hello, what’s this? Why – it’s a new 7″ single collab., Get On That (Re-Layered) from Andy Cooper & DJ Format (!) and the latest video from Andy for track Do The Andy Puppet. Both tracks are lifted from our man’s recent sterling long-play effort The Layered Effect, though the ‘re-layered’ Format version of Get On That is a completely new beat. And while things remain at b-boy tempo, the beat ingredients have been well and truly flipped. Meanwhile, the more rhythmically sedate Do The Andy Puppet finds Cooper exploring the trials and tribulations that fame has caused for the Andy puppet character of the title. And while he may rock a pimp-style leopardskin fur coat, be “Real sleek, rather unique” and he, “don’t hang with geeks down at Sesame Street,” check Andy Puppet’s thousand yard stare as he is continually mobbed by fans. Almost as if fame were a double-edged sword…
(Get On That (Re-layered) out 21 May on 45Live Records/ The Layered Effect (featuring Do The Andy Puppet) out now on Rocafort Records)

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