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ZEMERALD: Je Suis Charlie (2015) Free download

Je Suis Charlie ZemeraldThe stench of hypocrisy on all sides has reached a new high this week in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attack. Western leaders have pontificated about how freedom of speech is inalienable – except when a gagging order is required about a member of the Royal Family engaged in questionable activities or a dodgy arms deal is going down for example. All manner of people have been asserting that it is non Qu’ranic to depict Muhammed without anyone bothering to explain that not only is depicting Muhammed apparently not expressly forbidden in the Qu’ran but that there are is actually a tradition of depicting Muhammed in Shia Islam. And Rupert Murdoch sanctimoniously tweeted about the need for Muslims to take responsibility for extremists when he can’t even take responsibility for hacked phonecalls. Still, at least white people don’t tend historically tend to be humourless, fundamentalist killers. Apart from people like Anders Breivik and Timothy McVeigh of course. On reflection, it does look disappointingly like the problem is just ‘people’. But that won’t sell tabloids now, will it? Meanwhile, people keep dying. Here’s Zemerald‘s breaks edit of Airlock’s Je Suis

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