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YINKA DIZ feat. MARKY: Wind In My Caesar (Prod. El Puto Coke) (2011) – video

It’s always nice to see what the yout’ are up to when it’s good and here’s Yinka Diz and his boy Marky with Wind In My Caesar (from Diz’s latest LP New Art New Money) on a really nice beat from El Puto Coke which updates the jazzy hip-hop sound from back in the day. In fact it’s not a million miles from the sort of stuff Blu does now. I haven’t got a fucking clue what ‘winding in your Caesar’ actually entails of course. I even resorted to urban dictionary to get down with the kids but a quick search for ‘wind in caesar’ yielded an entry on ‘William Shakespeare’ who, apparently is ‘A man from history that wrote pomes (sic) and other things that you can barly (sic) understand,’…and thus it seems had much in common with the sort of teenage illiterates who write definitions on Oh the irony.

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