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WORDPLAY MAGAZINE: Relaunch September 2011

One massive disadvantage of the digital revolution is that it wasn’t really practical to do your reading on the toilet – at least until iPads and the like came along – and even now you still wouldn’t want to swat a fly with your tablet. Unless you’re some sort of thieving investment banker with bare money to spare. Thus it is that those who like a quiet read about hip-hop have had to do it online or else shell out for Yank mags (I said ‘Yank’) like Vibe and The Source. Enter Wordplay Magazine who are relaunching this month in proper old-school paper-based format and henceforth convering hip-hop music alongside their traditional graffiti content. And it’ll be free because of being funded by advertising. Happy days. You’ll be able to find it in various record and book stores (mmm – might have seen a chink in the armour there…) outlined in the full press guff below.

Wordplay magazine was established in 2003, we started as a graffiti magazine covering UK Graffiti only. We quickly grew to be well known in the graffiti community and had endless amounts of photo’s sent in and interview requests. Now we have had a face-lift and changed the magazine completely. As well as graffiti we have decided to cover UK Hip hop, after the magazine HipHopConnection disappeared we noticed there was no coverage of the scene in print and therefore was a huge gap in the market. Since making this decision we have been inundated with emails and post.

For the next issue we have already confirmed:
JEHST- Exclusive interview and album review
ROOTS_MANUVA- Album review
KASHMERE- Exclusive interview
MYSTRO- Exclusive interview
LEAFDOG- Exclusive interview and cover mix CD
DIKE- Exclusive interview
DELS (NINJA_TUNE)- Album review

As well as this we aim to keep our existing readers happy and will continue to document the UK Graffiti scene. Hip hop and graffiti go hand in hand. There are other Hip hop magazines like VIBE and TheSOURCE but they are both from the USA. The UK needs a magazine to represent what is happening here. We see UK hip hop artists being covered in NME, which generally has a strong following in rock and band music, The Guardian interviewed Jehst recently and Mixmag a dance culture magazine had some UKHH album reviews. All of which are aimed at the wrong market.

The new magazine will be FREE and distributed in HMV, Fopp Records, Rough Trade, Forbidden Planet, and Magma book stores across the UK. We also have distribution set up in all the major cities. These will deliver to the independent stores and smaller chains. We print 10,000 copies and upload the magazine online, all the advertising and review pages are linked to the relevant websites. This can then be monitored easily to view the return and traffic your advert has generated.

This is a new section where we review relevant products and new music, needless to say our doorstep is covered daily. We like to support new music as much as possible so if you have anything you think would suit our readership then send it in and we’ll write a short review. New products such as paint, books, movies and clothing we also include, but do ask for some support in advertising alongside the feature. Sometimes advertorials are a good way of doing this.

To release this magazine we need your support, in return we can offer something no other magazine can. If you want your product to reach the right market and still manage to ‘keep it’s cool’ (for a start never say that) then we tap into the underground music scene that is growing fast! With new releases from Roots Manuva, Jehst, Life, Wiley and rumors of a new album from Taskforce by the end of the year, the UK Hip hop scene is blowing up once again! Now is the perfect time to grow with it……………’s going to be BIG!!!!

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  1. What about us runts that live way out here in beyond The Deliverance…I’m based in Aberystwyth, there is an independent record shop here (Andys Records), any chance we’ll get a look in???

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