WOOD N SOO feat. DEADLY HUNTA: Come Harder (2014)

Come Harder Wood N SooWood N Soo‘s new one features dancehall emcee Deadly Hunta and is called Come Harder. Now, I know what you’re thinking – ‘it’s a dancehall track called Come Harder‘ – but in truth, Deadly Hunta’s lyrics seem to be more about the degree to which that he, Wood N Soo elevate the party than, say, sex. Apparently they ‘come’ so much ‘harder’ than everyone else they’re like ‘prison warder’ which of course sounds in no way sexual and especially not sexual in a hard S&M sense. While you ponder that irony – consider, if you will, the hard skank of the original, Cut La Vis’ clattering bashment breaks, the digi-dancehall of Sabbo & Gurfinkel’s effort, the minimal stuttering breaks of Yan Zombie and Dirty Dubsters’ ragga-garage-housey thing. Players below!
(Out 12 May on Irish Moss Records)

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