New on Jalapeno Records is the debut solo single Cyclone from Wolfgang Valbrun – the first track off a forthcoming three-track EP on Jalapeno. Wait a minute – not ‘Wolf’ Valbrun who used to front Ephemerals a while back? The very same! And he’s now striking out on his own following the ‘great reset’ of the 2020 pandemic. It’s all about the big horns at the start of this one but they’re more than capably matched by Valbrun’s vocal power and presence when he makes his entrance, lyrically pondering the whirlwind of emotion heading his way from a lover. Why it’s a veritable soul cyclone! And what does every soul singer need (apart from a successful debut single) – a nickname of course, probably including the word soul – Queen of Soul, Godfather of Soul, Screaming Eagle of Soul – hell – why not Cyclone of Soul?
(Out now on Jalapeno Records)

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