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WINDMILLS & CELSIUS 7: California Sunshine/ Dry Skin (Vinyl 7″)

WINDMILLS & CELSIUS 7:  California Sunshine/ Dry Skin (Vinyl 7It’s always a pleasure when Cali crew Windmills unleash some of their psychedelia-tinged hip-hop and new vinyl 7″, California Sunshine/ Dry Skin, is no exception. The title track is initially all contemplative synths, jazzy sax and Windmills emcee Frameworks considering beats, rhymes and life whilst cruising down the highway. But then suddenly, as if Mr Works had switched radio channels, the beat mutates into a sampledelic paradise with the likes of Hubert Laws and what sounds like Bryan Auger or possibly Spencer Davis group getting a proper rinsing. Dry Skin on the other hand is immediately one for the b-boys as Celsius 7 commits bars to mic on an appropriately itchy beat in hip-hop’s first tribute to dermatitis or – possibly more likely – a convenient metaphor referring variously to the music’s ability to get under the skin and that ol’ back and forth thing djs do with needle and wax. For the truly hard-to-please, there is also the trippy electro-influenced Windmills bump Pressure Drop as well. Blimey, three where you thought there’d only be two – if that doesn’t put a little (California) sunshine in your life, I don’t know what will. The tracks are all drawn from the new Windmills & Celsius 7 EP. Preview Pressure Drop below…

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