WILL C: ‘Eli’s Prism’ & ‘I Ain’t Makin It’ videos (2012)

If you haven’t caught Will C‘s latest album and evocative retro-rap trip Eli’s Prism, you need to take yourself outside and have a strong word with yourself. When you come back in the room – get with the programme and get the full 411 HERE. If you did catch it or you’re now back in the room and fully briefed after a stern bit of self-chastisement – check out the videos below for the album’s opening track and its title track. Man – they’re exactly the sort of thing I had in my head when I heard the album! Both lo-fi psychedelic collages of yellowed pre-digital home video footage, film and TV excerpts, still photos, old sports clips, educational film snippets and god knows what else, these must have taken our Will hours to stitch together for, yes, he is the man behind the video editing. And knowing him it was probably done with a razor, sellotape and miles of film strip, old school style. Perfect if you missed mushroom season. That crazy Frog Head Mystery rap shit continues! You’re looking puzzled. You haven’t read up about the LP have you? For god’s sake go and sort yourself out – HERE.

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