WHIRLWIND D: Other Side (2016)

Other Side Whirlwind DVeteran emcee Whirlwind D has recently dropped his ten-track Other Side LP (his second solo long-player) which features guest appearances from Project Cee, Specifik, Heavy Links, Illinspired, Dookie Squad and Soundsci’s Oxygen. He’s even managed to coax former Numskullz mic manipulator Rola to knock out a few bars. Production comes from Specifik (again), Phil Wilks, Cel One, Tuf Kut Mr Fantastic and Sir Beans OBE.

Resolutely boom-bap, the beats veer from Specifik’s sepulchral backdrop to the title track to the metal-guitar flexing b-boy breaks of 7 Eyed Monster with plenty of funky in between. Lyrically themes stretch from analysis of the current mean-spirited political climate in the UK to an upbeat insistence that originality in hip-hop isn’t all played out because there are pioneers of dopeness even now. LP highlight however has to be the Tuf Kut-produced posse cut Crew Call which has shades of a UK take on Marley Marl’s Symphony about it as Rola, Heavy Links, Chrome and Illinspired help D whip up a lyrical storm. Should create a bit of turbulence in the Brit-hop-osphere.
(Out now on B-Line Recordings)

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