WHIRLWIND D: M.D.M. b/w Time Waits For No Man (Prod. DJAR ONE)(Vinyl 7″)

WHIRLWIND D: M.D.M.It’s Anglo-French hip-hop mayhem as emcee Whirlwind D and Le Havre-based producer Djar One reprise their previously successful co-operation with M.D.M. b/w Time Waits For No Man – their brand new 45. M.D.M. eh? (Thank you, I’m here all week) – no not an incomplete drug reference but an abbreviation for ‘Modern day media.’ Yes, those bastards, “False media: welcome to reality/ a gallery of flattery based on big salary/ papers packed with opinions and views/ re-packed as fact; sold on as news,” damn straight D – stick it to the man! Can Djar One provide a beat to match? Of course he can, underpinning the whole thing with a blistering 120bpm groove consisting of windmilling drums, garage rock bass, and rhythmic guitar chanks. Of course, you’ll be knackered after all that, so what about something a good 25 bpm slower on the flip with the sound message of not letting the grass grow under your feet. Always a wise sentiment. Video to follow with the digital release.
(Vinyl 7″ out now on AE Productions)

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