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WHIRLWIND D feat. LEWIS PARKER & SPECIFIK: Lucky Number (Vinyl 7″)

WHIRLWIND D feat. LEWIS PARKER Lucky NumberWho’s this blowing through with new hip-hop 45 Lucky Number on which bars are unleashed over a beat evoking the soundtrack from a 70s mystery flick? Why it’s Whirlwind D with no less than Lewis Parker in the slipstream! What’s that boys? Lucky Number is an ironic title? Ah right – I’ve got you – so like when the shit unexpectedly hits the fan on an epic scale? Maybe like when you tell people they can’t have parties, safe in the knowledge that you can secretly have a party but then everyone finds out and you deny it but then further incontrovertible proof that you really did have a party comes out and you’re a dead man walking? That type of thing? Great stuff! What about the flip? Maybe something optimistic to counteract the upside down of the A-side? A soul-tune sampling beat called Do It Now with a ‘Carpe Diem’ vibe? That really should do it and right now too. And there’s also an acapella of the A-side? Our cups runneth over!
(Out 30 June on AE Productions)

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