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WHATITDO ARCHIVE GROUP: The Return of Beaumont Jenkins / La Pietra (Vinyl 7″)

WHATITDO ARCHIVE GROUP: The Return of Beaumont JenkinsImagine, if you will, a lost Italian cinematic masterpiece of globetrotting western-cum-noir from the early seventies and its equally lost soundtrack – Whatitdo Archive Group certainly have, and then some. In a year that already promises to be rich in library/ soundtrack vibes, new 45 single, The Return of Beaumont Jenkins b/w La Pietra is lifted from the forthcoming (purportedly) re-mastered The Black Stone Affair OST, the ‘lost’ reels of which were recently ‘re-discovered’ despite the belief they had suffered the same fiery fate of the movie itself. Alright, so it’s a trope that’s been used before but rarely executed with such commitment and it allows the WAG crew to indulge their wildest Morricone, 70s soul, Ethio-funk and library music fantasies, which they do with considerable gusto. The Return Of Beaumont Jenkins (featuring Alessandro Alesandroni Jr. – presuambly a scion of the soundtrack composer and also whistler on Morricone’s spaghetti western scores) is a suitably atmospheric slab of guitar ‘n whistle-led cinematic soul that suggests the forthcoming LP will be a treat indeed.
(Pre-order now/ Shipping 12 March on Record Kicks)

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