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WEEKEND SUN: You’re Good To Me (2012)

Weekend sun – you’re so good to me? Chance would be a fine thing. I’d settle for any bastard sun right now – summer my arse! What? Oh the bandWeekend Sun – and their new single You’re So Good To Me? Ah, well, that’s different. From Darlington they might be, but what with all the throbbing double bass, bongos and organs on this they seem to have captured the authentic sound of the jazz-funky Haight Ashbury in 1972 while vocalist Esther Taylor injects a contemporary twist. Remixes come from no lesser knob fiddlers than Renegades Of Jazz who provides a mellower twist on the original and Hero 7 who drop two b-boy breaks twists and a ‘Distant Hero’ mix which goes a bit 4Hero. Weekend Sun, then – You’re So Good To Me.
(Out now on Hero Records)

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