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WARSON & CHUDY: Old Bangers (Remastered & Reissued) (2014)

Old Bangers Chudy WarsonOi! Oi! Nufunky breaks stalwarts Warson and Chudy have got a few old bangers you might be interested in – especially as they’ve had them remastered…“Alright me old china? Looking for summink that moves are ya? Just ‘ad ten come in as it goes. All ‘pre-loved’ of course – knowwhadimean? There’s bound to be summink that takes ya fancy though. We’ve given em all the once over – you know – ‘ad the nufunk valet in and all that. See that one over there? The one what’s got big drums at the start – ‘It’s What I Do’ – proper bouncer that – a real gem. Only a couple of years old and it’s got Rory Hoy injection! Can’t offer you any finance on that though I’m afraid cock – you’ll ‘ave to pay up front at the desk. Say ‘Chudy’ sent ya – watch that Warson though, he’ll probly try n offer you a year’s finance. Subject to a credit check of course.

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